What is a UX audit?

A UX audit is an evaluation of a website, an app, a prototype or a software user interface by a trained UX professional. The audit goes beyond checklist style usability evaluations and focuses on the following:

General usability

The industry's best practice standards and various usability and psychological research findings.

Users' goals & expectations

The effectiveness of the user interface in enabling users to achieve their goals and transfer their existing mental models.

Business needs

The effectiveness in encouraging users to do what you want them to do: sign up, upgrade, etc.

Current trends

Current trends and standards that users expect.

How does it work?

Each project is different, the approach and the outcomes are individual. However, this is a common approach:

Step 1 - questionnaire: A short, tailored questionnaire will be provided to help the reviewer better understand your needs, your product and your target audience.

Step 2 - scenarios: Key usage scenarios and user profiles will be identified to guide the audit.

Step 3 - evaluation: A usability/UX audit will be carried out to discover the issues that negatively impact user experience, productivity and your business goals.

Step 4 - report: A written audit report will be provided to both identify the strengths and weaknesses of your application and to propose improvements.

Step 4 - report: A written audit report will be provided to both identify the strengths and weaknesses of your application and to propose improvements.

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Why get a UX audit from Kristina?

  • Websites and apps audited at any stage of development - from basic mockups to complex applications.
  • Highly customizable UX audits tailored to your needs - you can specify which parts of your product should be audited.
  • Highly actionable recommendations - you will not need to spend time thinking what to do in order to improve a specific problematic area.
  • Flexible pricing - further reduce costs by skipping a formal polished report (optional), while still receiving the same quality of insights.
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Don't antagonize. UXimize.

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Since we do design and development in-house, we needed an outsider's perspective and validation. We got exactly that – the full UX audit was very detailed and insightful; all identified problems were clearly explained and accompanied by actionable and realistic solutions. Besides major problems, it also covered various small issues which we surprisingly missed.

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Max Kleeman

Marketing Director, EuroVPS

Thank you for the user experience/usability audit. Unlike some others who have looked at my website, you have been exceptionally thorough and not missed any part of it. The report itself was easy to understand, completely logical and gave me a good reference point to build our new design from. We are currently in the process of appointing an agency to do our new design so your work will be invaluable in assessing the right choice and also ensuring we are focusing on the correct areas.

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Jennifer Nielsen

MD, Across the Fence

Kristina has been so much help to Super Good Stuff! She provided a very detailed review of our entire website as well as our mobile site, pointing out things that were working, things that didn’t, a scale of severity of the problems, and how to correct them. The review was phenomenal and helped us to make the necessary changes to lower our bounce rate and increase conversions.

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Kaleigh Shi

SGS Research

Kristina did usability testing and UX design reviews of a discussion forum software I've created, and a related website. She showed me how I can make the software more user friendly, and the website more "attractive" and better looking to possible customers. She also told me *why* she made the suggestions she did — which will make it easier for me to build the right things directly the next time.

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Kaj Magnus Lindberg

Kaj Lindberg Engineering

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