Photo of the founder

Hi, I am Kristina

I am a freelance UX consultant with a Master's Degree in Human-Computer Interaction and I am passionate about making things more user-friendly. I am up to date with the findings of current UX research, knowledgeable in cognitive psychology and aware of various technological or business constraints a project might have.

What is it all about?

It has been observed that many companies or aspiring startup founders do not have dedicated UX resources, do not do regular user testing or other things that should be done in an ideal world... however, they all strive to provide an awesome user experience. It makes sense to do that – it is a 'must' for having high conversion rates and staying competitive; it is not just being nice to others. Offering UX audits is a response to this need.

Why a UX audit?

A UX audit is a great way of learning about various issues a website or an app has and discovering ways to improve it – from addressing usability issues that are nearly invisible to people who have spent months looking at it to a placing an action button exactly where it would encourage users to click.

The deliverable is a no-nonsense report – no fancy graphs or scores that do not mean anything, but a very down-to-earth overview with jargon-free descriptions of issues and highly actionable recommendations.

Why should I care about user-friendliness?

The opportunity cost of offering a less than optimal user experience is very high - having various usability/UX issues creates barriers for users, thus hurts the conversion rate, as well as creates opportunities for competitors to offer the same, but easier and more enjoyable to use. Even a simple distraction from the main path (e.g. signing up or buying a product) might lead to a lower bottom line. It also goes without saying that unimpressed and annoyed users do not become brand advocates.

Who is it for?

If you are creating a new website, a mobile app or a software application, redesigning or fine-tuning an existing product, or need a clear eye on a prototype - it is for you.

Get in touch if your team lacks user experience knowledge, but you strive to make a perfect product. If your design or web development agency needs continuous usability services, please visit the B2B section.

Start maximizing user experience today!