UX audit of a website, an app* or a software user interface

It is not easy to put aside all you know and look objectively at something you have spent a long time creating.

What is a UX audit?

An expert UX audit is an evaluation of the usability, usefulness and effectiveness of an application by a trained UX professional.

Typical areas of focus include:

Think of it as a medical check-up: a full examination to find problems (usability and other UX issues) and get prescriptions (recommended UX changes).


There might be some variation depending on your needs, but usually it is as follows:


You will receive a short tailored questionnaire to help the reviewer better understand your needs, your application and your target audience.


Key usage scenarios and user profiles will be identified to guide the audit.

If you have created some personas of typical users, please provide them since they would be valuable assets in carrying out an audit.


A cognitive walk-through will be carried out, going through the most typical user tasks as a first time user and documenting the challenges and the problems found.


An expert UX audit against a wide range of usability heuristics and recommendations will follow in order to identify usability issues.


A report that identifies the strengths and the weaknesses of your application will be written.


You will get a report that covers all the UX problems identified (with screenshots and proposed solutions), recommendations for further improvement, as well as the key strengths of the user interface.

The default report format is a loosely structured list of findings and recommendations, however, you could upgrade to a highly structured presentation with findings ordered by severity. The level of detail and the number of issues identified do not depend on the format.

What to expect in a report (sample slides):

Identified typical user typesIn order to be user-friendly, a user interface has to meet the needs of the target audience. Identifying the main types of users and their needs helps to guide the audit.

Problem identification and descriptionIt includes relevant screenshots, a severity rating and a clear explanation of a problem and its implications.

Proposed solutionSolutions are often described in text, however, when needed, either mockups of proposed changes or screenshots of other websites that implement a specific feature well are provided. Some information on how to address related issues (i.e. accessibility) is provided as well.

Suggested improvements to user flows
This includes a description of why a specific user journey is more complicated than it should be and a clear suggestion on how to improve it. Flowcharts are provided when needed.


1. Base cost:

Full UX audit (up to 3 unique pages/screens): €120 ($0 / £0)


Full UX audit (more than 3 unique pages/screens): €200 ($0 / £0)

2. Structured report (optional):

+ extra €60 ($0 / £0) What is this?


2-4 business days.

*As for mobile apps, only Android at the moment.