Expert UX audit of a prototype

It's never too early to carry out the first usability/UX evaluation, even if you only have a simple low-fidelity mockup! The earlier the problems are spotted, the easier and cheaper it is to fix them.

What prototypes can be audited?

  • Paper sketches
  • Visual layouts of a proposed design
  • Mockups, e.g. Balsamiq
  • Interactive prototypes, e.g. Axure

However, if the prototype almost fully resembles a finished product in terms of the complexity of interaction and the level of visual details, an audit of a full digital product might be more appropriate.

What does the audit focus on?

  • Usability best practice standards
  • Meeting users' goals
  • Psychological research findings
  • Current design trends
  • Meeting your business objectives
  • Learnability


The deliverable is a report that covers all UX problems identified (with clear explanations and proposed solutions), recommendations for further improvement and the strengths of your user interface.


The default report format is a loosely structured list of findings and recommendations, however, you could upgrade it to a highly structured presentation with findings ordered by severity. The level of detail and the number of issues identified do not depend on the format.


1. Base cost:

Simple non-interactive prototype (up to 2 screens): €70 ($0 / £0)


More complex or interactive prototype: €140 ($0 / £0)

2. Structures report (optional):

+ extra €40 ($0 / £0) What is this?


1-3 business days.

Feel free to get in touch if you are unsure what to book.