Low-budget UX audit for startups

Not everyone has an opportunity to have a UX expert on board, especially, when starting small. However, providing a bad UX and having usability problems can hurt your attempts to get new users to sign up or buy. A good UX is a necessity in order to succeed - not a luxury.

If you have a prototype, a minimum viable product (MVP), an already developed website or application, however, it was not created in a user-centered way and many decisions were made based on the founders' or designers' best guesses or intuition, consider getting a UX audit. Don't take the risk of losing opportunities because of usability problems, complex user journeys or other issues, which are invisible to those, who have spent much time looking at the product and cannot look at it objectively anymore.

UX audit associative illustration

What is a low-budget UX audit?

It includes a basic run-through of the application and an evaluation of it against various usability/UX best practice standards and an evaluation of the effectiveness of user workflows.

The level of detail is lower than in the Full UX audit; however, main issues and pain points are always spotted and explained.

What is it for?

It is for new digital projects and startups, where the budget is limited, however, the aspiration to create a good product is high. It is for websites, mobile and software applications.

At what stage should I get it?

The earlier the better since the earlier the issues are spotted, the easier it is to fix them. However, it is never too late and you should, ideally, have it before showing your MVP to investors or launching a Beta version for users.

What deliverables will I get?

You will get an informal report that lists the biggest UX problems found, together with detailed explanations and suggested solutions.


Low budget UX audit for startups: € 100 €60 ($0 / £0)